A tumblr dedicated to the one and only Jesus Navas. Navas is a 24 year-old football star who is currently playing in the FIFA World Cup for Spain. Otherwise he plays for the Sevilla Club in Spain as a right winger. His numbers are 22 and 7. He is not only an amazing footballer but also is equally handsome as his skills are awesome...


MY TOP 15 FOOTBALL MATCHES || Spain vs Netherlands (1-0) | July 11, 2010

“It was sensational, a historic moment for Spanish football. We’re not yet aware of what we’ve done––we will be after some time. It’s what we’ve wanted since we were little. It’s a special moment, much more moving than the European championship… It wasn’t easy but with luck we managed to win.” – Iker Casillas


cant believe spains won it again! 2014 wc was truly amazing :)